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Dr. Bain - Surprise, AZ's Holistic Chiropractor

Dr. Bain, a holistic healer based in Arizona, addresses an array of health concerns comprehensively. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 21, a severe neurological disorder that affects the brain and spinal cord, he was almost confined to a wheelchair within a few months. His condition was so severe that he had to leave college to concentrate solely on his health. This situation led him to an in-depth exploration of the medical healthcare system, where he realized its focus was predominantly on medication, surgeries, monetary gain, and symptom management, rather than investigating the root cause of ailments.

As a result, Dr. Bain ventured into the realm of natural health treatments and dietary modifications. By radically altering his lifestyle, he was able to significantly improve his condition and return to academia, where he graduated with honors. This paved the way for him to attend chiropractic college to earn his doctorate.

Once in chiropractic college, Dr. Bain observed that conventional chiropractic methodologies were not adequately resolving issues. On the contrary, he and his peers seemed to be worsening with each additional chiropractic treatment. This observation prompted several years of research, exploring the actual roots of spinal issues. After three years, he had made substantial discoveries, but hadn’t yet devised solutions to the problems identified. Fortuitously, he and a colleague discovered a technique called Advanced Biostructural Correction, which aligned with his research and had a pre-established methodology.

Dr. Bain, Doctor of Chiropractic

Following years of receiving Advanced Biostructural Correction treatment, Dr. Bain managed to completely reverse his remaining MS symptoms, essentially curing himself. This propelled him to open his practice in Surprise in 2019, where he began helping others using his newfound knowledge.

However, in his practice, Dr. Bain noticed a small percentage of patients who weren’t showing permanent improvement. This sparked another round of research, as these patients exhibited symptoms that seemed to be more chemical or nutritional than neurological or structural. This led Dr. Bain to Nutrition Response Testing, a method designed to find the root cause of such health issues, which improved the majority of the previously unresponsive patients. But this was still not enough.

During his third year in practice, he noticed a tiny fraction of patients who, despite all efforts, saw no improvement. Interestingly, these were often individuals who had endured traumatic upbringings or struggled with emotional management. This observation led him to research and discover The Emotion Code & The Body Code – techniques designed to release traumatic experiences, emotions, and trapped energies to facilitate individual healing.

Today, Dr. Bain is well-versed in three vital categories: structure, nutrition, and energy. This knowledge equips him with the necessary tools to address the diverse needs of any patient who seeks his help.

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