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How does ABC Chiropractic differ from traditional?

ABC Chiropractic differs from traditional methods by focusing on the root causes of misalignments, specifically addressing forward misalignments and scar tissue, recognizing the relationship between muscles and bones, and offering a more predictable and comprehensive approach to treatment.

ABC Chiropractic recognizes the relationship between muscles and bones in the body. It acknowledges that the muscles of the back are parallel to the spine, limiting their ability to correct forward misalignments effectively. This understanding informs the unique approach of ABC Chiropractic in addressing these challenges.

What is the primary focus of ABC Chiropractic compared to traditional methods?

ABC Chiropractic focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of misalignments and spinal issues. Traditional chiropractic often focuses on symptom relief without necessarily delving into the underlying causes of the problem.

How does ABC Chiropractic differ in addressing misalignments?

ABC Chiropractic recognizes that bones of the spine can misalign forward, which is a crucial distinction from traditional chiropractic. While traditional methods may focus on adjustments in various directions, ABC Chiropractic specifically targets and corrects these forward misalignments.

What unique aspect of spinal health does ABC Chiropractic recognize?

Another significant difference is the acknowledgment of scar tissue formation within the spine in ABC Chiropractic. Traditional methods may primarily focus on spinal adjustments without specifically targeting scar tissue. ABC Chiropractic employs meningeal releases, which are full-body stretches designed to release scar tissue and promote ongoing spinal changes.

The value of ABC Chiropractic

How ABC Chiropractic can help you

Addressing the Root Causes of Ineffectiveness

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC™) technique has made groundbreaking discoveries about why regular chiropractic care may not yield desired results for many patients. One pivotal discovery is that bones of the spine often misalign forwards, and ABC™ focuses on adjusting them backwards to restore proper alignment. Additionally, the body develops scar tissue within the spine, which binds the bones and the nervous system together, limiting the effectiveness of traditional chiropractic methods.

Tackling Misalignments and Scar Tissue

ABC™ technique stands out as the only chiropractic approach that directly addresses these two crucial issues. Bones become stuck forward because there are no muscles or combinations of muscles capable of correcting them in that direction. The observation that muscles of the back are parallel to the spine explains why traditional chiropractic outcomes can be unpredictable and why patients often struggle to move beyond their initial complaint.

Unlocking the Potential for Ongoing Spinal Changes

To address the scar tissue within the spine, ABC™ practitioners perform maneuvers known as meningeal releases. Meningeal releases involve full-body stretches designed to release scar tissue and promote continued positive changes in the spine, extending beyond the initial complaint. By releasing the scar tissue, the spine gains the ability to adapt and transform, supporting ongoing improvement in overall spinal health and function.

Chiropractic Care in Action

See the power of ABC Chiropractic techniques

We believe in empowering the body’s innate healing capabilities. By promoting wellness through posture alignment and subluxation treatment, we create an environment conducive to natural recovery and sustained health. This, combined with our proficiency in injury rehabilitation, ensures a comprehensive service for our valued patients. See how ABC Chiropractic has helped our patients through a plethora of ailments and issues.

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