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Fibromyalgia is a complex condition characterized by widespread pain throughout the body. Traditional pharmaceutical interventions often provide limited relief, leaving many patients to suffer for extended periods. To address fibromyalgia comprehensively, we need to explore its multiple layers, encompassing both ABC™ techniques and functional nutrition.

ABC™ Technique: Treating Fibromyalgia and Promoting Spine Health

In fibromyalgia cases, the condition develops gradually over many years, with symptoms typically becoming noticeable in adulthood despite underlying issues starting earlier. Fibromyalgia exhibits a higher intensity of problems compared to typical pain cases. Key issues to address with ABC™ technique include:

  • Misalignment of Spinal Bones: The bones of the spine are knocked forward, leading to poor posture and spinal cord tension.
  • Scar Tissue Formation: The body builds scar tissue within the spine, further increasing tension in the spinal cord and brain.

Addressing fibromyalgia requires a systematic approach to unravel the layers accumulated over time. While progress may take time, gradual improvements can be made in the condition.

Functional Nutrition: Investigating Nutritional Factors

Fibromyalgia can have various nutritional causes. To identify specific factors contributing to the condition, blood work analysis is crucial. Our approach to functional nutrition differs from traditional medicine, as we view the lab work from a different perspective.

Functional nutrition allows us to identify trends and patterns in the lab work that may indicate issues in their early stages, even before they manifest as diseases. By analyzing the bloodwork, we can detect abnormalities and identify potential areas of concern. For instance, if liver function is suboptimal and trending toward liver disease, we can intervene early by supporting liver health, detoxifying the organ, and providing targeted nutrients for healing. This approach focuses on addressing the root cause of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms.

In the case of fibromyalgia, specific nutrients and organs may require support to alleviate symptoms. By examining the lab work, we can determine the necessary steps to proceed and tailor the treatment accordingly.

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