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Dr. Bain performs a chiropractic adjustment on a surprise, az patient.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment for pain in the neck, back, muscles, and joints, as well as providing relief for disc-related issues.

Emotional Healing

Release trapped emotions and heal trauma with two powerful healing modalities - Emotion Code and Body Code.


Nutritional Guidance

Safe, non-invasive nutritional intervention allows the body can heal itself, creating optimum health and wellness.

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What sets us apart from others in Surprise, AZ

Addressing the Root Cause of Your Pain

At SpringBack Chiropractic, we unlock your health's potential by addressing the root cause of your issues, specializing in ABC Chiropractic Bodywork and The Body Code energy work, transcending traditional healing methods.

Promoting Wellness and Alignment

We excel in chiropractic adjustment, expert vertebrae rehabilitation, and extremity mobilization. Focusing on relieving neck, back, muscle, and joint pain, we promote wellness through posture alignment and subluxation treatment.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Our comprehensive approach addresses the root cause to physical, chemical, and emotional reasons the body breaks down, underlining our commitment to your spine health and overall wellness, preparing you to spring back into the life you deserve.

Our Commitment to You

From pain relief to increased energy and a better mood- You're in good hands

Dedicated to your well-being, our mission revolves around uncovering and addressing the fundamental triggers of your health concerns, propelling you on a profound journey towards improved vitality. We specialize in ABC Chiropractic Bodywork and The Body Code energy work, propelling us beyond the confines of conventional chiropractic and healing methods.

Drawing upon the potency of advanced spinal health techniques, we stand as pioneers in chiropractic adjustments, concentrating on alleviating discomfort stemming from the neck, back, muscles, and joints. Our adept manipulation of vertebrae and mobilization of extremities strive to radiate a sense of well-being from within, diminishing not only blood pressure and headaches, but also embracing challenges like fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic healing experience.

Our all-encompassing strategy extends to encompass headache and migraine relief, as well as addressing conditions such as whiplash, herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritic conditions, muscular spasms, and sports-related injuries through adept therapeutic interventions.

By promoting overall wellness and delivering methodologies to mitigate stress and anxiety, our aspiration is to establish an environment where pain ceases to hinder you. This empowers you to rebound into life’s richness with a rejuvenated, resilient body and a revitalized state of mind.

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– Nicholas, Actual Patient

Meet the Chiropractor

Dr. Bain - Surprise, AZ's Holistic Chiropractor

Dr. Bain, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Bain is an Arizona-based healer who addresses all aspects of health concerns. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 21, which forced him to drop out of college and focus on his health. He learned about natural health therapy and made radical lifestyle changes, which drastically improved his MS. He graduated with honors and started chiropractic college but realized traditional chiropractic methods were not working. After years of research, he discovered the origins of spinal issues and came across a technique called Advanced Biostructural Correction, which shared the same chiropractic conclusions.

Specializing in Advanced Biostructural Correction treatment, Nutrition Response Testing, and the Emotion Code & Body Code Techniques, Dr. Bain has made it his life’s mission to help individuals achieve optimum health and wellness. Dr. Bain is well-versed in three vital categories: structure, nutrition, and energy. This knowledge equips him with the necessary tools to address the diverse needs of any patient who seeks his help.

The value of ABC Chiropractic

How Chiropractic Care can help you

Addressing the Root Causes of Ineffectiveness

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC™) technique has made groundbreaking discoveries about why regular chiropractic care may not yield desired results for many patients. One pivotal discovery is that bones of the spine often misalign forwards, and ABC™ focuses on adjusting them backwards to restore proper alignment, helping to relieve blood pressure and alleviate headaches and fatigue caused by stress. Additionally, the body develops scar tissue within the spine, which binds the bones and the nervous system together, limiting the effectiveness of traditional chiropractic methods. This scar tissue can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression as it affects the body's natural flow of energy. By addressing these underlying issues, ABC™ offers a holistic approach to healthcare, promoting overall well-being and healthy living.

Tackling Misalignments and Scar Tissue

ABC™ technique stands out as the only chiropractic approach that directly addresses these two crucial issues. Bones become stuck forward because there are no muscles or combinations of muscles capable of correcting them in that direction, leading to increased blood pressure and headaches due to the misalignment of the spine. The observation that muscles of the back are parallel to the spine explains why traditional chiropractic outcomes can be unpredictable, causing fatigue and stress for patients who often struggle to move beyond their initial complaint. By incorporating ABC™ adjustments into our services, we aim to not only restore proper alignment but also alleviate anxiety and depression, promoting overall well-being and healthy living for our patients.

Unlocking the Potential for Ongoing Spinal Changes

To address the scar tissue within the spine, ABC™ practitioners perform maneuvers known as meningeal releases. These meningeal releases involve full-body stretches designed to release scar tissue and alleviate blood pressure, headaches, and fatigue, promoting continued positive changes in the spine that extend beyond the initial complaint. By releasing the scar tissue and addressing issues related to stress, anxiety, and depression, the spine gains the ability to adapt and transform, supporting ongoing improvement in overall spinal health and function. Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond simple adjustments; we strive to create a platform for healthy living, allowing you to experience the full benefits of an optimally aligned spine and a revitalized body and mind.

Chiropractic FAQ

How does ABC Chiropractic differ from traditional?

Diverging from traditional methodologies, ABC Chiropractic sets itself apart by meticulously targeting the foundational triggers of misalignments. It places particular emphasis on rectifying forward misalignments and addressing the presence of scar tissue, factors that have the potential to trigger elevated blood pressure and persistent headaches.

Central to our approach is the acknowledgement of the intricate interplay between muscles and bones within the body. This recognition stems from the understanding that the back’s musculature runs parallel to the spine. This parallel orientation can inadvertently induce weariness, heightened stress, bouts of anxiety, and even a sense of melancholy, as the musculature struggles to adequately counteract forward misalignments.

With a profound comprehension of these complexities, we extend a more holistic strategy for remediation. ABC Chiropractic strives to offer an anticipatable and efficacious remedy. This encompassing approach is geared towards bolstering total spinal well-being and fostering an optimal state of bodily health.

This commitment remains consistent in addressing concerns spanning from headaches and migraines to issues like whiplash, herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritic discomforts, muscular spasms, and injuries resulting from sports activities. Through meticulous therapeutic techniques, we endeavor to pave the way for enduring relief and sustained recuperation.

What is the primary focus of ABC Chiropractic compared to traditional methods?

ABC Chiropractic focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of misalignments and spinal issues. Traditional chiropractic often focuses on symptom relief without necessarily delving into the underlying causes of the problem.

How does ABC Chiropractic differ in addressing misalignments?

ABC Chiropractic recognizes that bones of the spine can misalign forward, which is a crucial distinction from traditional chiropractic. While traditional methods may focus on adjustments in various directions, ABC Chiropractic specifically targets and corrects these forward misalignments.

What unique aspect of spinal health does ABC Chiropractic recognize?

Another significant difference is the acknowledgment of scar tissue formation within the spine in ABC Chiropractic. Traditional methods may primarily focus on spinal adjustments without specifically targeting scar tissue. ABC Chiropractic employs meningeal releases, which are full-body stretches designed to release scar tissue and promote ongoing spinal changes.

Chiropractic Care in Action

See the power of ABC Chiropractic techniques

At Springback Chiropractic, our core belief revolves around empowering the body’s inherent healing capacities through precise spinal alignment, targeted pain relief, and adept adjustment techniques. Our mastery in manipulating bones, muscles, and ligaments, encompassing methods like joint cracking and knuckle adjustments, enables us to effectively address concerns linked to joints and tissues, consequently fostering an overarching state of well-being and supporting a lifestyle marked by health.

Our proficiency extends to not only mitigating blood pressure, headaches, and fatigue but also to assuaging the grip of stress, anxiety, and depression. This comprehensive effort propels individuals towards a transformative expedition toward enduring well-being. Our holistic framework for wellness surpasses mere adjustments. It encompasses a deliberate focus on rehabilitating injuries and treating subluxations, thus ensuring a comprehensive array of services tailored to our esteemed patients.

The success stories of countless individuals who have found relief and resolution through ABC Chiropractic reflect our commitment. Whether dealing with headaches, migraines, whiplash, herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritic discomforts, muscular spasms, sports-related injuries, or the need for therapeutic interventions, our offerings stand as a guiding light. We guide individuals on a trajectory of natural recovery and an enhanced sense of well-being.

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