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Foot pain characterized by intense burning sensations, typically worse in the morning and improving throughout the day, can be attributed to a combination of two factors: misalignment of the foot bones and improper shoe design. Understanding these underlying causes is crucial for finding effective solutions to alleviate pain and promote overall wellness.

Misalignment of Foot Bones

The foot has a remarkable design with three distinct arches, similar to a bridge, providing optimal flexibility, movement, and propulsion. However, a significant flaw lies in the anatomy of the foot. All the muscles are located on the bottom, leaving no muscles on the top of the foot—only ligaments and supporting structures. This poses a problem because if the foot bones misalign downward, there are no muscles capable of pulling them back up. As a result, the foot flattens, causing pain and burning sensations throughout the day due to abnormal stretching of the foot muscles.

Realigning Foot Bones and Restoring Proper Arch

The solution involves pushing the foot bones back up into their proper positions to restore the natural arch. However, addressing misalignment alone is not sufficient; the issue of footwear must also be addressed.

The Impact of Improper Shoe Design

There is a widespread misconception about proper shoe wear, with many people believing that good shoes should have bulky arch supports. In reality, this is far from the truth and can lead to multiple problems. Constantly supporting the arches through arch supports or orthotics makes the muscles responsible for maintaining the arch lazy and weak. As a result, removing shoes or wearing shoes without arch support causes pain to return, which is alleviated only when wearing supportive shoes. This dependency on arch-supported shoes is not ideal.

Removing Arch Supports and Strengthening Foot Muscles

To address this issue, orthotics and arch supports must be removed from shoes or replaced with shoes that have no molded arches. Additionally, at-home strengthening exercises will be provided to re-strengthen the foot muscles, enabling them to hold the arches naturally. However, two other major issues related to shoe design must also be addressed.

High Heels and Narrow Toe Boxes

Improper shoe design involving high heels and narrow toe boxes can lead to various issues and exacerbate foot pain.

High Heels – High heels place excessive pressure on the toes, leading to conditions like metatarsalgia and degenerative joint disease. They also cause the body to lean back, resulting in low back and neck pain. Furthermore, high heels can cause balance issues and increase the risk of falling.

Narrow Toe Boxes – Narrow toe boxes force the toes together, leading to the development of bunions on the big toe and pinky toe. The compression of the toes causes the joints to bulge, resulting in constant rubbing against the shoe and the formation of calluses. Over time, this can cause deterioration of the affected joints. It is crucial to wear shoes with a wide toe box that accommodates the natural shape of the foot.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care for Foot Pain

Chiropractic care, alongside addressing footwear concerns, plays a vital role in treating pain in the neck, back, muscles, and joints. By promoting wellness through posture alignment and subluxation treatment, chiropractic adjustments, vertebrae manipulation, extremity mobilization, and injury rehabilitation, we offer a comprehensive approach to spine health and overall well-being.

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