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Low back pain has become a widespread epidemic in today’s world, causing significant financial burdens and contributing to the opioid crisis. Many individuals are seeking a solution to their low back pain that goes beyond symptom management. ABC™ chiropractic offers an effective approach to addressing the underlying causes of pain and promoting long-term relief.

Understanding the Causes of Low Back Pain

To effectively address low back pain, it is crucial to investigate and identify its various causes. ABC™ chiropractic recognizes two primary causes of spinal conditions, including low back pain: spinal misalignment and the formation of scar tissue within the spine.

Spinal Misalignment Corrected with ABC™ Chiropractic Technique

The bones of the spine can become displaced, lacking the muscles required to realign them naturally. Unlike traditional chiropractic methods that push the bones forward, ABC™ chiropractic focuses on moving the bones backward, correcting the problem rather than simply treating symptoms. This approach aims to restore proper alignment, relieving low back pain and promoting overall spinal health.

Scar Tissue Formation within the Spine

Scar tissue can develop within the spine, leading to restricted movement and discomfort. ABC™ chiropractic addresses this issue, considering the combination of spinal misalignment and scar tissue as the root causes of symptoms experienced by individuals. By addressing these factors, ABC™ chiropractic offers a comprehensive solution to low back pain.

Enhancing Treatment with Functional Nutrition

In some cases, low back pain may have different underlying causes. Functional nutrition analysis can help identify any low functioning kidneys that may be mimicking mechanical low back pain. By determining the functional kidney status, targeted nutrients can be provided to support healing, detoxification, and proper kidney function. This integrative approach combines chiropractic care with functional nutrition to address the specific needs of each individual.


Avoiding Common Mistakes for Lower Back Health

To prevent exacerbating lower back pain, it is essential to avoid three major mistakes that many people make in their daily lives.

Improper Shoes – Shoes often contribute to posture-related issues and lower back pain. High heels, narrow toe boxes, and excessive arch support can disrupt body alignment, leading to imbalances, weakened foot muscles, and various discomforts. Conditions such as bunions, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, and low back pain can be aggravated by improper footwear choices.

Improper Pillows – Using static or poorly adjustable pillows can lead to neck pain, numbness, tingling, and middle/lower back pain. ABC™ chiropractic offers a customizable pillow design that ensures each individual receives the ideal height for proper spinal alignment and optimal comfort during sleep.

Improper Chairs, Couches, and Car Seats – Improperly designed seating arrangements can have detrimental effects on the lower back. When the knees are positioned above the hips, the lumbar curve becomes reversed, resulting in mechanical low back pain. Modifying chairs, couches, and car seats to align the knees with or below the hips can help alleviate discomfort and support spinal health.

ABC™ Chiropractic for Comprehensive Care

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